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Allah Says in the Holy Quran {Allah has permitted trading and forbidden Riba (usury)} [Al Baqara: 275].

Welcome to the Islamic Banking Magazine website, published in Arabic language and specializing in up-to-date news, articles, reports, and studies, in Islamic banking, ICMs, Fiqh Moamalat (Islamic Commercial Law), and Islamic economics in general, the magazine is published from the Arab Islamic Center for Economical Research and Studies website "AICERS.ORG", which is a center specializing in research, studies, reports and consulting services in multiple areas of the economy in the Arab and Muslim worlds; areas such as: conventional and Islamic banking, regular and Islamic Capital markets, traditional and Electronic Commerce, and others.

"IslamicBankingMagazine.org", aims to provide an appropriate structure for the delivery of information related to the Islamic economy and banking in order to provide Practical and informative support to all institutions working in those fields and their employees, in particular, or who wish to familiarized themselves with this new and evolving industry, and take advantage of all those whom are interested in economics and Islamic banking.

All this is aimed towards providing knowledge support which is necessary to improve the industry of Islamic banking in particular and the economies of Arab and Islamic countries in general, and apply in practice the slogan of our Magazine (supporting the Islamic banking and finance industry and the principles behind it).

We hope that you will benefit from the information and news published via our website, and invite you to join us in our newsletter via e-mail, and also join our pages over the other social networking sites, to complete the advantage from your visit.


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